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    Wendelin Big Data Learning Track

    • Last Update:2023-09-18
    • Version:003
    • Language:en

    This learning track contains a sequence of lectures teaching how to setup and use Wendelin.  After finishing this learning track, you should have a ready-to-use Wendelin system and be familiar with setting up a sensor, retrieve, analyse and visualize data. 

    Lecture 1: Wendelin Introduction

    This lecture will introduce Wendelin and underlying concepts.

    Lecture 2: Setup

    There are three ways to setup Wendelin - requesting a Wendelin in the SlapOS Panel, Wendelin standalone on a VM and Wendelin provisioned with SlapOS.
    Wendelin Standalone is a quick way to test Wendelin and to do the tutorials in Lecture 3.
    Wendelin provisioned with SlapOS is recommended for production.
    If you are planning to do all the tutorials Setup A or Setup C is advised to use.

    Setup A: Wendelin Instance via SlapOS Panel

    Setup B: Wendelin Standalone on a VM

    Setup C: Wendelin with SlapOS

    These tutorials describe the installation process of Wendelin on SlapOS. You can either install it on Theia (new) or on Webrunner (old).

    Lecture 3: Wendelin for Data Scientists

    This section teaches how to use Data Lakes in Wendelin, how to easily upload and download data using ebulk. 

    Lecture 3.1: Data Lake Basics

    Lecture 3.2: Big Data Collaboration

    Lecture 4: Wendelin for Data Science Industrialisation

    This section shows on a specific example how to configure wendelin, receive streaming data using fluentd and batch data using embulk, as well as how to create simple notebook and visualise data.

    Lecture 4.1: Dynamic Ingestion Policies

    Lecture 4.2: Automated Batch Ingestion

    • How to Request embulk on SlapOS

    Lecture 4.3: Automated Data Streaming

    Lecture 4.4: Data Processing Workflow

    Lecture 4.5: Data Visualisation

    Lecture 4.6: Industrialize Machine Learning