HowTo Enable User Registration


  • Configure Mailhost
  • Update Email Sender
  • Register


This tutorial teaches how to configure wendelin to allow user registration.

Note: This feature is enabled only if wendelin configuration the Setup default data lake security model was checked. 


Configure Mailhost

Open https://YOUR_INSTANCE_URL/erp5/MailHost/manage_main to access the mail host configuration in the Zope interface (Wendelin is built on top of Zope).

Add a SMTP mailhost and login/password for the alias under which an email should be forwarded/sent.

Make sure the Port is also correctly set to your email provider's correct SMTP port.

Click Save Changes when done to continue.


Update Email Sender

Open https://[IPv4]/erp5/manage_propertiesForm and add the fields email_from_name and email_from_address to send emails from a valid sender and reduce the chance of emails being labelled as spam. Click Save changes to continue.

Note: the sender address must match the SMTP provider you used in the previous slide


Once the mailhost is configured users can register.

Open https://YOUR_INSTANCE_URL/erp5/web_site_module/default_wendelin_data_lake/ and on left side panel click on Register.

Note: Pay attention on (slash) at the end of the url, it is mandatory. 

Note: Registration works only if user is not logged in. Thus, before registering a new user make sure that you are not logged in with any user. 

After filling the form and clicking on Register you will get an email to the specified email address with further instructions. 

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