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    How To Installing Wendelin Standalone

    Step by step guide on installing Wendelin Standalone
    • Last Update:2020-03-30
    • Version:001
    • Language:en


    This HoTo will show you how to install Wendelin inside your own virtual machine.


    • A virtual machine running Debian Buster or Debian Stretch, 64bit
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • At least 20GB of disk space

    Initial setup

    Once you have your virtual machine up and running, run (root permissions are needed):

    root@debian:~# wget http://deploy.nexedi.cn/wendelin-standalone && bash wendelin-standalone

    To check up on the status of your build automatically please run:

    root@debian:~# watch -n 30 erp5-show -s

    This way if something goes wrong you will be notified immediately. The total time for install and setup should be around less than an hour, however it doesn't need any interaction from user.

    When is my Wendelin instance ready?

    You can check if your Wendelin instance is ready using:

    root@debian:~# erp5-show -s

    If your instance is ready the script will printout:

    Build successful, connect to:
      username: zope  password: <some_random_password>

    Configure Wendelin instance

    Wendelin platform is installed using ERP5 Configurator. Here are the configuration instructions:

    • Please do get from "erp5-show -s" the IP address of the Wendelin instance then point your browser to it like so https://<some_auto_generated_ip>/erp5 (please note that we intentionally add "erp5" which is Wendelin's root instance url)
    • Please login with username and password already provided by "erp5-show -s" script
    • From top left select drop down box select 'Configure your Site' and then in next page select Wendelin Configuration.
    • Simply follow the instructions and accepr defaults suggested for this two page installation. Please note that the configuration phase can last as long as 15-20 minutes.

    That's how we install Wendelin. After this you have a basic Wendelin platform.

    How to use Wendelin

    You can try to run any of the following examples:

    • portal_skins/erp5_wendelin_examples/game_of_life
    • portal_skins/erp5_wendelin_examples/game_of_life_out_of_core
    • portal_skins/erp5_wendelin_examples/game_of_life_out_of_core_activities

    You can look at code for this examples for inspirations for writing your own ones using the quick link in "My favourites" menu -> "Manage Components".

    From the same location you can also run live tests by specifying the test name to:  testWendelin or write own code and  test it using developer-Forum.Create.Unit.Tests