HowTo Configure Wendelin Site


Use the secure access link from previous tutorial and add /erp5 at the end to redirect to erp5 frontend


Login using username and password, that you noted down previously

  • inituser-login: zope 
  • inituser-password: xxxxxxx 

Configure Site

Your ERP5 instance is now ready, but it has only generic core libraries. This core can be extended through different business templates for different purposes.

This can be done manually using My Favorites > Manage Business Templates, installing individual business templates that provides your ERP5 instance with utilities that you need.

But Wendelin uses many different business templates and that would be a lot of work, so configurator is provided to make that work for you and install all the business templates that are needed for Wendelin.

For that click on  My Favorites at the top left corner of the page and choose Configure your Site.

Install Configuration

If there is no Wendelin Configurator, you have to install it:

  • Go to My Favourites > Manage Business Templates .
  • Click on Import/Export button (blue and red arrows).
  • Select Exchange > Install Business Templates from Repositories .
  • Check box before erp5_wendelin_configurator business template and click Install Business Templates from Repositories.
    On the next page, leave the checkbox Update and Reindex Catalog unchecked and at the bottom of the page click on Validate Installation. 

Install wendelin configuration by clicking Configure button.

Install Configuration


Check all checkboxes except the Setup Data Notebook Module for Jupyter integration.

Click Setup to start the installation. 




Wait until installation process is over.



Installation may take a few minutes.

Once done, click "Start using your ERP5 System".

Wendelin Information

Your instance is now ready to use.

Wendelin Home

After your instance is ready navigate to Wendelin home page by adding "web_site_module/default_wendelin_front/" at the end of your instance URL


You can access modules (data-types) through Modules selection tab on the left side panel.

Modules can contain anything from Persons, Organizations to Data Streams.

Thank You

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