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    Wendelin - Introduction to Wendelin for Data Science Industrialisation

    Introduction to Wendelin for Data Science Industrialisation
    • Last Update:2021-03-02
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    In this lecture we learn how to industrialise data science with wendelin.

    We describe the process of ingesting, storing, processing and visualising 2 types of data in Data Lake using 2 different tools

    We will discuss each step in details in following tutorials.

    Batch Transfer to Data Lake


    First we will learn how to use embulk to transfer batch data to wendelin.

    Embulk has many input plugins to get data from all kinds of data sources, here we use an example of transferring data from mongodb.

    Buffered Streaming to Data lake


    Next we will learn how to use Fluentd to transfer streaming data to wendelin.

    Data Transformation


    Once we have data in our Data Lake we will show how to manipulate data.

    Data Visualisation


    As the final step we will show to visualise data using notebooks with plotly chart editor.