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    Data Lake Security Model
    • Last Update:2021-12-22
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    • Publication Workflow
    • User Rights


    This tutorial gives generic overview of Wendelin Data Lake security model. 

    It explains the publication states of Data Sets and which users are allowed to upload and download data.


    Publication Workflow

    When data is being uploaded to Wendelin, Data Set is created. 

    Until the upload is finished Data Set is in Draft state. Once upload is finished the state automatically changes to Validated.

    User can change the state from Validated to Published to make the Data Set publicly available.

    To remove the public access user can Invalidate the published Data Set.

    User Rights


      Draft Validated Published Invalidated
    Anonymous User - - Read -
    Registered User Read,Write Read,Write Read,Write Read,Write


    Read - download Data Sets

    Write - upload Data Sets

    Anonymous users can access only Published Data Sets to download. 

    Registered users can upload as well as download Validated, Published and Invalidated Data Sets.