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    HowTo Create Data Acquisition Unit
    • Last Update:2020-07-28
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    • Create Data Acquisition Unit


    This tutorial teaches how to create Data Acquisition Unit.

    Data Acquisition Unit represents the source from where the data comes. 

    In the scope of this Learning Track we use Olimex Environment Sensor to retrieve data, thus our  Data Acquisition Unit will represent that sensor. 




    Go to your wendelin instance homepage and click on Modules.

    Data Acquisition Unit


    On the modules page click on Data Acquisition Units.




    Click on Add button.


    Create Document


    Continue with clicking on Create Document.


    Fill the Form


    Fill the form and click save.




    After it is saved, click on Validate on left side panel to validate Data Acquisition Unit.


    Confirm Valdation


    Click on Validate to confirm validation.