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    HowTo Check Data Arrival on Wendelin
    • Last Update:2023-01-12
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    • See Data In Wendelin
    • Download Data


    This tutorial teaches how to verify data arrival on wendelin and how to download the data. 

    Before doing this tutorial make sure you read and completed the following tutorials


    Wendelin Dashboard

    Open your Wendelin dashboard. 

    You see that new Data Stream and Data Ingestion were created. 

    Data Stream

    From your Wendelin dashboard click on Data Stream. 

    In Data Stream you can see the Total size (bytes) of the ingested data.

    If you reload the page the size will change as new data arrives.

    Download Data

    You can see and download  data using the curl commad: 

    curl -k -u [user]:[password] https://[hostname]/erp5/data_stream_module/[id] -r [start]-[end] --output data.txt

    As data can be very big you can define start and stop bytes to download a slice of data.