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    Wendelin Architecture
    • Last Update:2020-08-04
    • Version:001
    • Language:en

    Wendelin Architecture

    Wendelin architecture is based on 5 layers:

    • Analytics layer: Wendelin leverages a wide variety of Numpy based analytics libraries such as scikit-learn, Pandas, NLTK, OpenCV-python, etc
    • Storage layer: Wendelin stores native python objects on NEO distributed storage and thus eliminates format conversion steps found in other NoSQL technologies.
    • Elasticity layer: Wendelin distributes data processing scripts on a cluster thanks to ERP5 active python object technology. Scripts are stored on NEO and can be modified in real time without any system restart.
    • Deployment layer: Wendelin deployment is automated thanks to SlapOS mesh computing operating system. Analytics libraries are optimized automatically by SlapOS based on the targert CPU.
    • Infrastructure Layer: Wendelin can be deployed on commodity hardware, private cloud or public cloud.


    Key Features

    • Python based
    • Native code compiler for key algorithms
    • GPU compiler for key algorithms
    • Native storage of low level matrix data structure
    • Best machine learning algorithms
    • Wide scientific community thanks to Numpy
    • Support 30+ years of FORTRAN optimizations
    • Distributed multi-index
    • Orthogonal index/storage topology for high throughput and fast access

    Wendelin architecture provides key features not found in other platforms.