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    Fluentd - HowTo Setup Fluentd on SlapOS

    HowTo Setup Fluentd
    • Last Update:2020-08-11
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    • Supply fluentd software
    • Request fluentd instance


    This tutorial gives geral overview how to setup fluentd using Slapos Client.

    For a real use case example see HowTo setup Fluentd on IOT Gatewa and HowTo setup Fluentd on Sensor tutorials.


    Supply Software

    supply("https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/slapos/raw/master/software/fluentd/software.cfg", "YOUR_COMPUTER_ID")

    Using supply command of SlapOS Client install fluentd software release

    "YOUR_COMPUTER_ID" you can find in your SlapOS dashboard in Servers tab. 

    Request Instance

    request("https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/slapos/raw/master/software/fluentd/software.cfg", "YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME", partition_parameter_kw = {FLUENTD CONFIG PARAMETERS}, filter_kw = {"computer_guid": "YOUR_COMPUTER_ID"})

    Using request command of SlapOS Client request  fluentd instance. 

    "YOUR_COMPUTER_ID" you can find in your SlapOS dashboard in Servers tab. 

    In partition_parameter_kw you can define the configuration parameters for fluentd.