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    FAQ How Can I Upload Data to Wendelin?

    information on automatic ingestion via FluentD and manual uploads.
    • Last Update:2020-04-06
    • Version:002
    • Language:en

    Automatic ingestion

    Data ingestion into Wendelin can be done automatically based on type of data being ingsted

    • If your data is a "streaming" type of data - i.e. a file being constantly added to one can fluentd (and the Wendelin fluentd plugin.) and follow this link
    • If your data is "frozen" - i.e. never changes one can use ebulk and follow this link.

    Manual upload

    The manual upload is triggered within the ERP5 interface using the "Upload" button to ingest any Data Stream object into the system. This how to manually upload data (coming soon) will show show the necessary steps involved.